Hans Deuss was born and raised in Amsterdam. He was born on July 10, 1948, and has lived and worked almost all his life on the Bilderdijkkade, where his parents’ parents also lived during his youth.

His first memories are of drawing and this fascination became stronger when he gained access through his paternal grandparents to a well-stocked bookcase that broadened his view of the world, as did the Sunday explorations he did with his grandfather. mother’s side passed through town. These walks inspired him to make many drawings and when he inherited a well-stocked painting chest from a great-uncle, these explorations initially became hesitant but soon more accurate subjects for the first paintings and his talent for this was soon noticed by those around him.

It is therefore no wonder that he was admitted to the Rietveld Academy where, partly guided by his parents, he chose directional graphics.

After completing this study, it soon became clear that his heart lay in the liberal arts and he was able to further develop his style and technique as an autodidact through subsidy schemes such as the ‘Contraperformance’.

After several years of experimenting, he felt it was time to show his work to a larger audience.

The positive reactions from both the press and the many viewers who attended this first exhibition at ‘Galerie Eijlders’ supported him in his decision to go through life as an independent artist.

How this developed further can be seen on this site.